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Postpartum Core Recovery Program

Becca M.

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Catherine S.


So I am a little over half way through Ashley Witt's 12 week postpartum recovery program and I gotta say I am loving the results! After having my fourth baby I was still suffering from terrible back pain, incontinence and the additional pandemic pregnancy pounds. I was considering a chiropractor but decided to try this first with the goal being to rebuild my core and eliminate PP pain.


Not only has Ashley successfully treated my diastasis recti but any back pain is now gone. I used to not even be able to turn around to change lanes without pain! Incontinence is also no longer an issue and I feel stronger,  more confident and more capable every day. Ashley has been encouraging and held me accountable throughout the process. It's been so nice to have custom workouts as well as information specific to my needs and questions. I would highly recommend to any woman in need of a similar change or support. Best part is I have been able to do it all from home and on my own time. 

Lauren J.

I really enjoy exercising, but was having trouble feeling motivated after having my 3rd baby.  I also knew I needed to do diastasis recti exercises but was feeling lost and not committed. I’m so glad to be working with Ashley for this 12 week program.  She expects me to follow through with my goals, but she’s also understanding and flexible during this busy summer. 


She has taught me so much about my core and pelvic floor and has been willing to explain things thoroughly so I can do the exercises the correct way. I am almost done with the program and am seeing my ab gap close and my core strengthen.  I also have seen so much improvement in my pelvic floor strength. I appreciate that Ashley was able to customize the workouts just for me and that I was able to do them at home and whenever I had the time! I am excited to have more knowledge about proper engagement of my core and will use that as I continue to exercise.  Thanks for everything Ashley!

Personal Training and Group Classes

I love Ashley’s group classes and private 1 on 1 sessions. They are fun, quick and effective. I am seeing results after a few weeks. She is super sweet, passionate, patient, motivating and has extensive knowledge about fitness. She is excellent at explaining all the exercises very clearly and provides options for different exercise levels. She has a positive attitude and easily connects to each of her students. Group classes are 30 minutes, but very effective, so you can get on with your busy day.

—  Lori L.

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