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Do you have back pain, still look pregnant despite having a baby a while ago, and/or have a leaky bladder?

Did you know that most of these symptoms is because you need to strengthen and rehab your core?  Crazy, right?  That's the culprit--weak, stretched out abs. 


This is where I can help. 


I will give you the right exercises that fix these embarrassing and debilitating symptoms.  You can be active again without horrible back pain or an embarrassing leaky bladder!  

My Program will...

  • Flatten your belly.

  • Have your aches and pains go away.

  • Have you saying good-bye to your leaky bladder!

  • Give you short workouts done on your own time and at your convenience.

  • Give you the accountability you need.

Exercising with Baby

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Ashley Witt Fitness Online Workout Classes


Lori L.

I love Ashley’s group classes and private 1 on 1 sessions. They are fun, quick and effective. I am seeing results after a few weeks. She is super sweet, passionate, patient, motivating and has extensive knowledge about fitness. She is excellent at explaining all the exercises very clearly and provides options for different exercise levels. She has a positive attitude and easily connects to each of her students. Group classes are 30 minutes, but very effective, so you can get on with your busy day.

Courtney K.

Jessica W.

Ashley has been more than a blessing to my health than she’ll ever know! [S]he has completely amazed me and done wonders for my physical health. Ashley’s beyond flexible in so many ways! She has bent over backwards to meet my crazy schedule as well as provided modifications & progressions to push me just the right amount. She’s been open to feedback from day 1 and even done things to meet our groups needs such as creating brand new combo personal training/group classes and also created fitness challenges to give us an extra push for those who wanted it. She’s genuine, approachable, positive, and helps you see results quick! Her classes helped me see dimensions in my body that I never knew existed! So far I’ve lost 70 pounds since last March with all the help and support from Ashley. I cannot recommend her enough for any age, fitness level or fitness goal!! She is a true life saver and I could not have done it without her!!

I just don't know where to start.  I have been working with Ashley for years.  She is an important part of my fitness journey.  Every time I come to her with some hairbrained fitness goal (Tough Mudder anyone?) she helped me get my body ready for it.  When I manage to collect a new injury and there have been many, she helps me figure out modifications that work around the limitation still targeting the muscle group.  I don't just do push ups and basic run of the mill type work outs either.  No, she has me using my natural body mechanics in fun high energy routines.  That isn't to say she doesn't have me doing burpees. (To date she has 4 different types she makes me do.)  And for the record, I did finish that Tough Mudder and just might start training for another one soon...

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