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My Story

Hi!  I'm Ashley from Core Restore!  I have been in the fitness industry for 10+ years.  I love to be active!  But after having each of my 4 kids I suffered from ab separation and pelvic floor issues.  I remember going back to work as a personal trainer after having my first baby and while I did jumping jacks with my clients, I peed myself!  I was not expecting that, and it put a huge wrench in my life!  I had so much knowledge of training clients but had zero knowledge of what I needed to do to recover from my pregnancy and birth.  And honestly, we get hardly any wisdom from our healthcare professionals at our 6-week postpartum checkup.   We get the okay to do any type of exercise!  Man, have I learned a lot since then.  I have been educated from multiple other areas from Pelvic Floor Physical Therapists to other fitness professionals who excel in this field.  I learned the exercises that will help and the exercise that will make ab separation worse!  After rehabbing my abs and pelvic floor post pregnancy (x4), I feel great.  I feel like I am a new person and have the energy and strength to do all my daily tasks and play with my kids pain free and without peeing my pants!  I have now devoted my time to help others have the same life!  I can help you overcome back pain, leaking pee, and not looking pregnant anymore post pregnancy!   

Certifications and Qualifications

Bachelors of Science Degree in Kinesiology-Fitness

ACSM-Certified Personal Trainer

TBMM-Corrective Exercise Specialist

AFAA-Group Exercise Instructor

SCW-Pilates Instructor

Former Competitive Swimmer 

Fun Facts

I'm a wife and mom of 4!  I have two girls and 2 boys!  My life consists of a lot of dance parties to Kidz Bop, messy baking shenanigans, and hide and seek! 

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